Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Avant Garde is the French word Vanguard, which has been described in art, which would apply to the Fashion Industry, it has been described as being innovative or inventive, unconventional and innovative fashion. Here are some striking, bizarre, bold, loud and mysterious Avant Garde SL Fashion styles. Enjoy :)

 Styling Credits
[LeeZu!] NOiR Van Elisabeta Jacket
Miamai_[BlackLabel]_GrixShirt&Hine Leggings
 [sYs] BONNIE Belt
F I N E S M I T H - Organic set
Vanity Hair::Sunset Blvd. v2- blonds

 Models: Nice Wildrose&Sessie16 Resident

 Styling Credits

Sessie16 Resident's outfit:

[LeeZu!] Betty in Black
Gizza Pants from !o outfit
Noya Vamp Lashes
F I N E S M I T H Alexandra Set
F I N E S M I T H Lua Nails
Miss Aries - Satin (Gatcha) From Cstar
Invasion by Baiastace in Black

Nice Wildrose's Outfit:

Miamai_[BlackLabel]_Nemore Bodysuit Red
F I N E S M I T H - Y E R I A K inspiration set
Lovely Mi - OhDicoDico! (Red)

 Styling Credits

Bliss Couture*  Miss Virtual World Draakje Gown Top
[sYs] RAVEN -Corset
FP Black Ruffle Sculpted Shorts
.:L&B:. "Elise" Knee Boot Set:GRAPE
Miamai_Invicta Platinum Hair
 Styling Credits

[sYs] BONNIE - avant garde outfit
GizzA - B&W Maxi Skirt
Miamai_[BlackLabel]_Ansiotropic gloves
MIAMAI_[BL]_ChodCollection_Dakini Headdress

 Styling Credits

[E.N.S.H.E] Sosyete+ full outfit
.:L&B:. "Angeline" Ankle Boot Set :Special Edition
blackLiquid MAKEUP - pinot gloss
***Chaisuki*** eyelashes

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  1. loving the leezu jacket think i feela shopping trip coming:)))