Wednesday, October 10, 2012

She Devil !

CHAMPAGNE is calling all Fearless Fashionistas!  Sparkling Couture is releasing the the hot costume for the Halloween....EVIL !  Oh what a sexy Halloween costume for my readers !  If Halloween is just too hot for you then this magnificent piece is just for you girls...

Set temperatures soaring this Halloween wearing this sexy hot evil costume. The outfit consists of a spicy leather bikini teams up with a devilish face and horns in the front and a red devil's tail at the back, red horns and hoofed legs ! A magnificent red winged back-piece is the focal point of EVIL.

Ladies, this outfit will leave men weak at the knees this Halloween! LOL :) Enjoy !

Styling Credits :

[:ME:] Larynda Dark Elf Skin
AVID Gothic Clothing Salem Arm Dagger
AVID Gothic Clothing Bloodfire Collar, Wrist Spikes

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