Sunday, February 10, 2013

Head Over Heels-MVW 2013-CHOP ZUEY Series No:3-4-5

It is a great season to re-invent your style, so go bold with these fabulous sets specially designed for miss Virtual World 2013 that boast shine and shimmer all year long...

"RocknIce Set"by CHOP ZUEY includes Chocker, Earrings, Bracelet and Hair Barrette...This is a stunning piece of costume jewelry and has been designed for Miss Betty Drasia ✦ MISS V♛ 2013 AUSTRALIA. Rich jewel tones and gorgeous gold glitter make this set worth wearing and I am sure you are gonna fall in love with this set like I did!

"Amore Campari Set" by CHOP ZUEY includes the following stunning pieces : Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet... 

This beautiful set has been designed for my SL sister Miss Audrey Muse Cresci   ✦   MISS V♛ 2013 POLAND. Everybody felt in love with her elegance and her, you fall in love with yourself all over and adore your own beauty with this magnificent jewelry set!  

"America Set" by CHOP ZUEY includes Necklace, 3 Bracelets, Earrings&Ring...This breathtaking set has been designed for Miss Imani Enzo   ✦   MISS V♛ 2013 USA. Add an elegant touch to your formal jewelery collection with this gorgeous set...The addition of these jewels will put your evening look into full bloom!

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