Monday, May 20, 2013

Beatiful Aurelia Under The Sun

Are you the one naughty girl who would love to beat the heat of the hot sun in the beach with dazzling waves? Dare to wear the sexy swimsuits for your days under the hotter sun? 
Then now it’s the right time to get the flirty and sexy swimsuits from IMaGE Factory !

IMaGE Factory AURELIA Swimsuit – Zebra sold at OFTC
5 Sizes 9 Colors via HUD

 IMaGE Factory AURELIA Swimsuit Cosmos-Sold at OFTC
5 Sizes 9 Colors via HUD

Taxi to OFTC inworld :


  1. Very nice! I have been looking for a good swimsuite, i have not bought one in years but with my new beach house i need one! Great blog thanks!