Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tribute to Miss.Donna Flora (R.I.P)

Miss. Squinternet Larnia, designer of Donna Flora brand in SL passed away this morning...Words seem inadequate to express the sadness I feel about her...
May flights of Angels lead you on your way to paradise and heavens...May your soul rest in peace...and may forever God be with you always...You're in our prayers...


Gown:  JAZZY Dress
Jewelry: VIOLA topaz set
Hair: ALESSIA hair blonde


  1. Balling oh my this was a shock. You are now officially an angel in heaven dear sweet squinternet......May you rest in peace and look over onto sl sometime and be our angel in heave......We love you lil lady

  2. So sad , I cannot find the words to tell my pain. She rest in peace now with the angels. She will stay in our memories for ever, her kindness, her talent, she was a wonderful lady.
    My thoughts are going now to her family. I wish them a lot of courage to face those moments.
    Rea quar

  3. Very sad news indeed:-( Lovely tribute to a uniquely wonderful lady Nice. Squinternet will be missed by so many, but we will remember her and always with a smile. Blessed be Spirit

  4. Thank you so much....Hugs you all xxx