Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Step in my shoes

Ahn-ji footwear shoes: quality, pursuit of perfection and creativity...and I would like to introduce you their two brand new models Maitresse and Addict.
 These high heel boots Maitresse has wonderful details and they are particularly flattering when paired with skinny jeans or leggings or Select a skirt that hits mid-thigh or even a bit above for the most flattering appearance...There are two options (basic colors and colors)  both comes with hud that allows you to use your boots in 6 colors.

Ahn-ji Footwear- Maitresse

"Addict"Mesh Shoes. An original exclusive [Ahn-Ji] Footwear Creation. You can only find these very sexy leather strapped wedged heels at [Ahn-Ji] Footwear. It comes in 17 amazing colors in an hud that allows you to change skintone, size, metals, sole & platform texture from cork to 3 different wood options, 10 beautiful nail colors, & 10 colors with french manicure.

Ahnji Footwear- Addict


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