Friday, March 27, 2015

Baboom & Eclectica ~ FFL 2015

March 21st through March 29th Fashion for Life opens its doors for a full week of non-stop shop-till-you-drop, dazzling entertaining events and more, all as a part of the 2015 Relay for Life season.

Throughout each region will be lots to see and enjoy, starting at 10:00 SLT on Saturday, March 21st, and ending at 23:00 on Sunday, March 29th.

I am going to introduce stunning outfits from amazing designers who took a part in this wonderful event ! Enjoy !

info FFL 2015:

LM to FFL 2015 : 

Baboom - Baboom-Camille-gown
Eclectica 'Venezia' Collar
Eclectica 'Venezia' Feathered Mask

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