Saturday, May 23, 2015

[[ Masoom ]] - SNEAK PEEK May'15

Sneak Peek is the fashion destination for trendsetters and your fashion haven for all things fierce, fabulous and fresh! Shop the latest dresses, shoes, hair, poses and many more!

This April 25th opens with Prism, Slack Girl, Flowerdreams, Suki, CST Design, Vanity Hair, Awear, Appear, OPOPOP Design. Mumuhime Clothing, Loovus Dzevavor, Rayne Couture, Deluxe Body Factory, Nya’s Shop, Petit Chat, Glitter , Aris Aris, anyBODY, Ghee, [[ Masoom ]], Sky, Zanze, Sweet Tea Couture, Brii Underground Wear, Dead Dollz, JUMO, KL Couture, LIZIAAH,Leri Miles Designs, KL Couture, KaTink Poses, Siss Boom, Kungler. Ever An'Angel, Machoire and HelaMiyo
[[ Masoom ]]  Entwined Gown  Sneak Peek 

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