Friday, July 3, 2015

Tori's Stylez- SNEAK PEEK June'15

 Sneak Peek is the fashion destination for trendsetters and your fashion haven for all things fierce, fabulous and fresh! Shop the latest dresses, shoes, hair, poses and many more! This June 25th opens with, Rapture, Pizzazz Haute Couture, Ashmoot, WTB, BN Designs, LaVian & Co., Glam Dreams, Tori's Stylez, MSS, DE.Boutique , FLRN DESIGN, Supernatural, A W E A R, Athena Couture, Tiffany Designs, ELEMENT, Smesh, M&M STYLE, VIRTUAL DIVA Couture, SKY, ! Beautiful Dangerous ! , GLO, [LRD], United Colors , Vanity House of Designs, KL Couture, Glitter, Flowerdreams, Appear, Ever An' Angel, White Room Couture, Faisean, LENNIE, fashion:LORE, Vero Modero, JUMO, LIZIAAH, Rayne Couture, Petit Chat....

Shop It Like It's Hot !

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Tori's Stylez- Maggie-Sneak Peek Exclusive

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