Saturday, June 2, 2012

Color Blocking Exclusive Releases by [:ME:]

The "Color Blocking Fair" starts today and runs through June 16. It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to amazing designer Ydreece Forster of [:ME:]MIRROR'S ENIGMA who participates in the fair. Here are some of my very favorite skins with different make up lines from her newest exclusive releases especially designed for this colorful fair. Limited editions !  Enjoy ladies! :)

                        [:ME:] Acedia Light Skintone Green (Color Block Bundle)

                             [:ME:] Acedia Light Skintone Ceris (Color Block Bundle)

                               [:ME:] Acedia Light Skintone Violet (Color Block Bundle)

                              [:ME:] Acedia Sunkissed Skintone Cameo (Base Bundle)

                                   [:ME:] Acedia Sunkissed Skintone Skye (Mix Bundle)

                                       [:ME:] Acedia Sunkissed Skintone Nude (Nude Pack)

                              [:ME:] Acedia Sunkissed Skintone Nude (Limited Exclusive)

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