Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Honey Gown

It was my pleasure to wear this gorgeous "Honey" gown from Tres Beau at my Passion Agency St.Tropez grad show. Warm beige and brown tones cover this lovely gown. Its left shoulder carries a transparent veil that goes down in the back and meets the beautiful skirt. The skirt looks like it is made of many transparent layers that fall lightly to the ground and caress your legs with every single step you make.  A perfect gown for the summer season...Ladies! this is a total stunning look that is sure to turn heads and to dazzle the room...Enjoy :)

Styling Credits

Gown : Tres Beau "Honey"
Jewellery : FINESMITH MVW Anna set
Hair: Osmose Lanna Golden
Lipstick: Glam-Desire
               Blackliquid-Just Gloss

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