Friday, March 29, 2013

HOLLYWOOD – The Event "Chop Zuey"

Get glam, get fabulous….go to Hollywood!

Glitz, glamor and gorgeous fashion! Shop like a Hollywood star at SL’s most exciting style event of the year.

With exclusive items made by over 80 designers, free gifts to collect, catwalk shows set in the beautiful Chinese Theatre and a SL walk of fame; if you love fashion, don’t miss Hollywood The Event!

Brought to you by the team behind the Menstuff and Womenstuff hunts; ‘Hollywood – The Event’ features new fashion creations from labels such as Gizza, Gabriel, Redgrave, NCORE, Rfyre, Egoisme, Violator, Tres beau, HUMANOID, Mohna Lisa,Chop Zuey and many more!

Fashion shows will be produced and modeled by the team at BLVD/BOSL and you can collect over 80 free swagbags set inside each designer’s store.

Full information:

Main contact: Ivy Maverick

Media Contact: Persia Bravin

Technical Contact: Ramses Meredith

Here is the amazing Belle Roussel's creations exclusive for "Hollywood The Event"

These magnificent large pearls have all the allure of the very best quality pearls and the diamonds...Diamonds have amazing exciting stories...About this gemstone, you can write novels, poems, lyrics....just like a dream..Ladies enjoy with these exclusive pieces of art
Paparazzi Pearl Diamond Set 

Gown : SHEY - Ivy Maverick Gown
Pose : The Muse Poses - Sappho

Paparazzi II Blu Set
Gown : SHEY - Ivy Maverick Gown
Pose : The Muse Poses -Karya

Chop Zuey Gift Sway Bag 
Paparazzi III Red Set 
Gown : SHEY - Ivy Maverick Gown
Pose : The Muse Poses - Eupharie 

Taxi to inworld "The Event HOLLYWOOD"

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